Debugging stuck bits

I've been blocked on making progress on the retro pc project due to bad reads from the ROM. The seemingly simple snippet of boot code should light an led wired to to the i/o ports (any port). section .text resb 0x7F0 org 0x7F0 start: mov al, 0x1   again: out 0x10, al jmp again When … Continue reading Debugging stuck bits


Using Ultrascope for Rigol DS1052E

I've become more and more annoyed at having to export images from my Rigol scope to a flash drive plugged into the device. I'd much prefer to capture signals and images directly from my Macbook. Unfortunately, the PC software that comes with the Rigol -- Ultrascope -- does not run on Mac OS X. Boo. … Continue reading Using Ultrascope for Rigol DS1052E

Sometimes it is a bad part… sometimes.

I've spent the last few weeks working on my retro pc project. The first step with the 8284 seemed to go well but the┬átrouble began when I tried wiring up the 8088. I wasn't getting anything remotely close to the expected boot sequence. According to the datasheet and The 8088 Project Book a few clocks … Continue reading Sometimes it is a bad part… sometimes.