I’ve become more and more annoyed at having to export images from my Rigol scope to a flash drive plugged into the device. I’d much prefer to capture signals and images directly from my Macbook. Unfortunately, the PC software that comes with the Rigol — Ultrascope — does not run on Mac OS X. Boo. Over the last couple nights, I’ve played with the idea of writing a Cocoa app to pull data from the scope. USBTMC + Cocoa seems like a pretty good path to go.

I also run Windows 7 x64 in Parallels on the Macbook. This works great for a handful of geek related Windows-only tools I use such as the Logicport application as well as the software for my GQ eeprom programmer. I could never get Ultrascope to run properly under Windows 7 x64 on my Thinkpad laptop though so I’ve generally ignored it since shortly after I got the Rigol scope.

Tonight I had to try again while debugging the latest evolution of my retro pc project. I really wanted to capture some waveforms and decided to give it another go.  A post on the rigol_scope Yahoo group had some helpful pointers on getting things to work. After following those directions, things work!

Ultrascope is kind of crappy software in general but it allows me to leave the flash drive plugged into my Xbox 360. 🙂