Many people complain that there are too many cable channels.  Too much choice.

I feel the same way lately but in terms of too many blog posts, podcasts, and books to read. I realized today as I removed my “in progress” stack of books from the bedside table. Somewhat admitting defeat that I couldn’t finish them without some focused effort, I moved them to my office.  They are neatly in a stack where it makes my office PC difficult to use – a taunt should I decide to sit down to browse Facebook or Twitter.  “Read me”

Currently in the queue or in progress…

And then there are the fiction books…

Need to get busy reading.


  • Machine Learning Coursera Course was awesome.
  • The Python data science book was good.
  • The C# data science book was ok.
  • Exploiting Software was not worth the time or energy.
  • Cryptography Engineering was good.