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All Work and No Play…

I’ve spent a good chunk of the last 18 months or so busy working on something for my J.O.B.  I’m hoping to get back to my long list of unfinished projects in my upcoming vacation time away from that job.  Looking at my bench, I see lots of started-but-not-finished projects and a few things I’ve purchased to play with but never got around to.

Let’s take a quick tour.

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Moving hosts, broken links

I changed site hosts to which, on the whole, is great. One unfortunate side effect that I haven’t been able to fix is that some permalinks are permabroken now. If you can’t find something, let me know.

“Lab” Upgrades

For the longest time my home electronics projects have been done on a 60″ x 30″ folding table in one of our spare bedrooms.  My growing collection of project boxes, spare parts, and equipment finally started to put stress on my furniture – particularly my table.

The old lab table.
The old bowing table in its “clean” state.

I spent embarrassingly too long fretting over whether to buy a desk or build it.  If I bought something, what should I get?  Do I need an “electronics” workbench?  If I build it, what should I build it out of?  I probably spent five months going back and forth – all the while piling more junk on my table.

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Ancient History

Found a link to one of the many “big huge awesome” projects that we started in ACM@UIUC back in the day. I’m pretty sure this page is the only thing that actually came out of this project. 🙂 I think (hope?) that I’ve gotten a little better at completing things (retro pc project and this blog not withstanding).

These big huge unfinished projects were not really failures. Many of the people who worked on projects like these at ACM@UIUC are now veterans of the startup scene or leaders behind the scenes at the hot tech shops around. I look back at these projects as ambitious and a great learning experience.

Update 1/25/2017: updated link to be via

An adventure begins…

This is the first post on a new blog.  It should be short and preview the greatness to come.  One out of two isn’t bad.

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