MSP430 LaunchPad arrived today

I ordered one of the $4.30 LaunchPad eval kits from TI a few weeks ago. It was immediately on backorder but to TI's credit, when they had them, they shipped them quick -- overnight FedEx from what I can tell. Nice. I've only downloaded the tools - Code Composer Studio and IAR Embedded Workbench - … Continue reading MSP430 LaunchPad arrived today


XESS open sources XSTOOLS

XESS, makers of a selection of Xilinx based FPGA prototyping boards, has open sourced their XSTOOLS. This is great news for linux users as this enables the community to update and maintain a port of the standard tools -- the last set of linux tools were the 4.0.6 version which doesn't support the newer boards. … Continue reading XESS open sources XSTOOLS